ATRRS Courses For Promotion Points

The promotion points for nonresident military training category maxes out at 80 for SGT and 90 for SSG. The category includes military correspondence courses through ATRRS Self-development and Army e-Learning, but the only way you can earn these points is to complete a full course with a certificate of completion. You can also take all the Skillport, ALMS, and ACCP courses you want, but they only count if they are posted on your Jko transcript with a verified number of hours.

You can also earn promotion points for your Advanced Leaders Course (ALC). The points are based on your academic achievement and not your performance in the ALC, so be sure to do well. However, there are no promotion points for individual sub-courses. Only the full ALC counts. If you are an ALC graduate, make sure your S1 or MPD verifies the hours on your ATRRS transcript before submitting to EMILPO.

The promotion points for ATRRS courses are worth it, but choosing the right mix of resident and Army e-learning courses is important. This is because it takes a lot of mental energy to go after these types of courses, so you need to weigh the payoff of these training opportunities versus the time and effort required to get them done. Also, remember that non-resident training can only count for up to 80 points in the soldier’s ERB, so it is important to be intentional about what non-resident and Army e-learning courses you go after to maximize your promotion point potential.

ATTRS Promotion Points Eligibility

ATTRS Promotion Points Eligibility

A soldier must have taken a full Army College Prep course to be eligible for promotion points. This is the same as attending a regular college, and it will give you up to 18 months more time on your E-5 and E-6 ranks if you make the most out of this opportunity. However, you need to be strategic about which resident and e-learning courses to go after. Weigh the cost in terms of your mental energy and time commitment versus the payoff in promotion points.

The Army has several different categories for promotion points, and each one has a maximum number of points that can be awarded in it. The most important categories are professional military education and Army e-learning. These are where you will get most of your points, but you should also focus on other categories like non-resident training and leadership development.

The Army has also made changes to its promotion points system. For instance, the ACFT score can now be used to earn promotion points. The Army has also changed the way it calculates the total number of points available for a soldier in the professional military education and Army e-learning sections. These changes are expected to go into effect this summer and will be applied to promotions to sergeant and staff sergeant.