ATRRS Skillport

ATRRS is a system where a Soldier can record and review their military training courses. ATRRS is part of AKO my Training, and any Army eLearning course will show up on an individual’s transcript. However, the system isn’t perfect. Some soldiers have trouble with it, so it’s important to check your transcript every 6 months, or if the online version is out of date, get a paper copy.

Correspondence Courses

If you are in the Army and want to earn college credits, you can take Army Skillport correspondence courses. These online courses will earn you one promotion point for each hour of study. Once you have earned your promotion points, you can use them towards advancement. This program is available to everyone and is free to use. However, there are some requirements that must be met before you can use the program.

The first requirement is to be a member of the Army. If you have a valid military ID, you can take correspondence courses for a promotion. The course should be at least one week or forty hours. You can take these courses through an approved college or university. Once you have completed your courses, you will earn promotion points that you can use to get a promotion.

Structured Self-Development (SSD) courses

Structured Self-Development is a web-based training program that builds upon the material covered in noncommissioned officer education courses. It is available in four levels and is accompanied by a robust assessment process that includes self-assessment tools. Typically, SSD courses are completed before enrolling in a Warrior Leader, Senior Leader, or Seargant Major course.

When taking SSD courses, it is important to understand which courses are required of you. Those for soldiers who are pursuing promotion must have taken a Basic Leader Course and must earn a certain number of promotion points. Structured Self-Development courses are part of the requirement for these points.

SSD is a mandatory online training program. It builds on a noncommissioned officer’s educational courses and is a prerequisite for promotion to SGT and SSG. Once an officer is eligible for promotion to these levels, he or she must attend a local promotion board. In addition, a Deputy Chief of Staff, G-1, will impose a HQDA bar to continued service against him or her, and will review the bar status and SSD completion on a quarterly basis. If the Soldier fails to complete the SSD course, separation proceedings will be held according to AR 635-200.

Online training

ATRRS has an online training program called Skillport. This is a great way to gain training without having to go to a classroom. The program includes over 5,000 different web-based courses, covering everything from Information Technology to Leadership and Personal Development. You can even take a course online for free to get started.

SkillPort is a modern cloud-based learning management system that allows users to access a variety of training resources from the comfort of their own home. The platform is available in a variety of languages and can even be customized. You can access SkillPort from any computer, as long as you have an Internet connection.

You can choose a course from the schedule and apply online. To apply, you will need a Logon ID or Passport and Access Code. Once you’re logged in, you can select the fiscal year and school code to get started with your training.

Transferable courses

One of the fastest ways to earn points is by getting a certificate of completion of a transferable course. For example, completing a course for the Army is a great way to get 78 promotion points towards the rank of SSG or SGT. Another way to earn points is by taking a foundation course. These courses provide an introduction to leadership concepts and career building. These courses are available through DL. You must complete these courses before completing an internship program.

Courses in the Skillport Army are worth one promotion point for every five hours of work. Some courses list the hours in minutes, while others list them in hours. To check the hours, use the Login & Registration Guide provided by the site. Then, follow the links provided by the training provider to complete the course.