What is an ATRRS Unofficial Transcript?

An unofficial transcript is a document that students are given after they complete a course. Typically, this document will be made available five business days after the course has ended. This document can also include information regarding milestones. These are specific to a particular course. For example, a student will receive 90 PROMOTION POINTS for completing a WLC course.

Coursework completed prior to October 1, 2008 will appear on a DAU transcript.

If you took a course in a classroom prior to October 1, 2008, that course will not appear on your DAU transcript. This is because, prior to FY09, all certificates and records were issued to students in the classroom and maintained in a separate system. Electronic certificates are not generated in this way. However, you can access the unofficial transcript of a completed course and review it.

If you have completed your course requirements, you can view your transcript using the DAU Virtual Campus. After completing a course, students can view their grades by selecting the “refresh” icon in the gradebook column. When this icon is selected, the course will drop down to “completed courses.” Hold the CTRL key while selecting this option.

Students will receive 90 PROMOTION POINTS for completing a WLC course.

WLC is short for Warriors Leader Course, and students who complete the course earn a large number of promotion points. A student who completes the course in the top 10% of his class will earn 92 points, and the class’s top-ranking soldier will receive 102 points. A WLC course lasts three weeks.

WLC courses are required for promotion to the SSG and SGT ranks. They earn 102 and 112 Army promotion points, respectively. Students will also get more points if they get on the Commandants’ List, are a Distinguished Honor Graduate, or are a Distinguished Leadership Graduate.

Students can also earn promotion points by taking resident courses. In addition, WLC courses count as promotion points for those who have completed the course at the Academy. Any course in the cadet program that meets the requirements can be paid for with promotion points.

Completing an online course will earn students 78 promotion points. Each credit hour equates to one promotion point. While the time commitment required for an online course can be less than five hours, it varies based on the nature of the course and the student’s processing speed.

Atrrs unofficial transcript milestones

Milestones on an ATRRS unofficial transcript represent various stages in a student’s academic career. These include program proposals, internships, and thesis completion. They all constitute critical steps toward completing a degree. A student’s record of milestones allows them to easily follow the progress of the program and make sure that they are on track for graduation. Students should talk to their faculty advisor or student services officer if they have questions or concerns about a milestone.

Students may also be able to view the unofficial transcripts of their college courses and programs. These documents include basic information about the student’s educational journey, including the dates of admission, the number of credits transferred, and the grades earned at each institution. A student’s date of admission or deferral will also be written on an unofficial transcript.