ATRRS Training Manager Army

Job Description of an ATRRS Training Manager

ATRRS is an acronym for Army Training Plan, Requirements and Resources. The Army uses this system to train soldiers to perform various tasks. Army members complete a variety of training courses, which include basic and advanced training. Depending on the branch of the military, an individual may be assigned to one of several different training managers to oversee the process. The Army Training Plan, Requirements and Resources (ATPRS) also has different responsibilities for different members.

Job description

The job description of an Army ATRRS training manager includes overseeing and operating the Army Training Resources Resource Reserve System (ATRRS). He or she develops and maintains training records, schedules, and other aspects of unit training. He or she is also responsible for monitoring unit training, and forecasting the amount of training resources required for deployment. Lastly, this officer manages over $80,000 in equipment and oversees the training of over 6 Soldiers.

The ATRRS training manager is responsible for ensuring that military and civilian trainees receive the necessary training. He or she drafts training schedules and reviews them for approval. As a member of the training management staff, he or she must meet and comply with command guidance and higher headquarters publications. Additionally, this position oversees the training library and equipment. This position is responsible for planning training and establishing standards for military and civilian workforce training.

ATRRS Training Manager Army


One of the responsibilities of a Soldier Training Officer is to supervise and ensure the successful completion of all training requirements. Among his duties, he must draft training schedules and observe compliance with higher headquarters publications and command guidance. He also has to maintain training records and related training equipment. Listed below are the main responsibilities of an Army Soldier Training Officer. Each one is important to the success of a soldier’s career.

As a senior professional in the army, the Responsibilities of an ATRRS Training Manager are vast and varied. ATRRS is the best place for the Army to find out what training programs are working best and need improvement. This position also manages training programs, which are critical for the readiness of the Army. The Army has a growing need for capable individuals who are knowledgeable and skilled in military training.

Education requirements

The Human Resources Training Manager (HRTM) has the authority to enroll attendees in the Advanced Training in Risk Management and Resiliency (ATRRS) program. The HRTM must be an active member of the Army or Air Force Reserve. The HRTM will be responsible for the selection process for the trainees, as well as registering those who are interested in the training program. TDY requests will be funded locally.

The role of an ATRRS training manager includes the planning and implementing of military and civilian training programs. The job involves monitoring non-MOSQ soldiers, preparing training schedules and ensuring compliance with command guidance and higher headquarters publications. The HRTM also compiles unit mobilization files and coordinates commander training assessments. An HRTM must have a strong understanding of Microsoft-based programs in order to effectively manage training resources.


The job of an ATRRS training manager requires a broad knowledge of all ATRRS functions. This includes verifying applications, scheduling PME courses, and coordinating enrollment. In addition, the training manager must be able to support and coordinate mobilization file maintenance. The role of an ATRRS training manager also involves preparing reports for commanders and staffs. Experience in this field is vital. This position is responsible for ensuring that training requirements are met and courses are scheduled in accordance with the unit’s training plan.

The experience of an ATRRS training manager will be equivalent to the grade level of the GS-09 in the federal service. The position responsibilities include the management of training systems and planning academic operations of training programs. As a result, the ATRRS training manager must understand how the Army’s training systems work and how to implement them. Experience in ATRRS training will give the job holder a strong background and knowledge of training and educational programs.